At Hotel Manfreddi Rooftop Aroma, Mixologist use viles of aromas and fruit extracts to add a drop of flavor that takes over the palette.

Little umbrellas are out, this is about a glass with class.

 Time to meet the masters of cocktail making. These chaps will even make you a concoction to match your mood. Impressed? Tell them, the     result could be tasty.

Universally acknowledged these rooftop bartenders are the world’s premier cocktail craftsmen and have taken sophisticated drinking to a new level, literally. We are talking about a cultural phenomenon of cocktail creation, drinks with altitude and attitude.

People have been coming up with new drink recipes for hundreds of years, but it is only in recent times that cocktail creation has really grown into an art, using fruits, vegetables and other flavors with the same precision that they are used in cooking. Mixologists often rely on seasonal ingredients, too. The drinks they create are frequently commissioned to be appropriate for particular events, menus and themes.